1. Risk cannot be eliminated, only mitigated, which means that as long as there is risk, there will always be a threat that is looking to exploit a vulnerability and commit cyber crime. This pretty much makes it impossible to have cyber crime stopped permanently. One can just be better prepared to mitigate or limit the damage that may occur.

  2. The article highlights the important points, although there is no proper introduction and conclusion. The article lacks personal views and suggestions which is highly recommended for such a vast and important topic.

  3. In addition to the common-sense tips mentioned above, the strongest line of defense against cybercrime is using a robust antivirus program. Most cybercrime uses some form of malware or another, which can infect your computer, pilfer through your personal data in search of info for identity theft, and lock up your files and demand money for their release.

  4. Very wonderful one! All cyber crimes are briefly explained ,which helps to aware internet users.there have been also various measures taken by central govt in addition to IT act provisions!but more stricter implementation is required.

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