1. Cyber crime is also popular in India nowadays. India also have a proper statute for cyber crimes as other country. India should also have to improve their investigation process against cyber crime. Law in other country regarding the cyber crime give us knowlege about more crime and law as this article provide us.

  2. According to me, cyber law and cyber crime in other countries is a vast topic which could have been explained in a better way by covering various aspects in a comprehensive manner so as to avoid making it long and tedious. I felt instead of defining cyber crime and then explaining it, it was just merely explained. While it is important to use simple language, one must not forget to cover various topics related to the subject matter in the name of making the article easy to read and understand. As a reader, I expect much more from an article on a topic that has vast interpretations. Adding the cyber laws of India for the crimes in other countries was a nice addition, however, I would have preferred reading an explanation to those sections as also instances of the crimes that have been mentioned for the respective countries.Finally, every reader appreciates reading the author’s personal opinion and views on the topic than just facts. It is always important to add one’s personal views on the matter and also personal anecdotes as to what can be done to improve the situation and to prevent the said crimes.

  3. It gives a wider understanding of cyber laws in various countries. It is very informative in terms of global cyber laws. It is a glance on various cyber laws with best presentation.

  4. Great article penned down by author.
    Got wider understanding of the cyber laws in other countries was very helpful.

  5. if there is a sin then there must be justice provided.In India we have ITact to deal with cyber crime and IPC to tell us what is an offence. In other countries as I read this article there was also protection against cyber crime

  6. if there is sin then there will be justice for all. In India we have ITact to deal with cyber crime and IPC to know the nature of offence. as I read this article there is protection against in cyber crime in others countries too and it tell us that how they handle these cases in there respected countries

  7. Above article gave us opportunity to know about various laws of cyber crime with respect to international laws and of different countries. However, according to me article should elaborate its content in a more convincing and smoothing manner so that a reader could make a connection with the topic of that article .
    Cyber laws in different countries gave us idea about different dimensions of cyber crimes in other countries, if we talk about India there is no specific law against various cyber crimes like bullying, hacking, picture spoofing etc.
    Therefore, this article gave us an idea what we can do in our country by learning from cyber laws of other countries.

  8. This article gave me a good overview of the cyber laws in different countries.
    Very informative and straight to the point

  9. It was an indeed a great article but if you would have elaborated the cyber laws and the punishments in different countries then it would have been more informative and helpful.

  10. The article does not contain the name of the law in China which deals with cyber crime, only the article no. is written but the article belongs to which law is not wirtten. The article should have also told that among these countries which country has the best and why it has the best cyber laws.

  11. A very well written article with information about cybercrimes and different countries and their cybercrimes and laws.

  12. There is no way we can get Cyber Crime right and in fact it’s increasing everyday. We have sophisticated laws in all countries for all kinds of crime, but still criminals exist so, it isn’t really any different for Cyber criminals. Being a Cyber Criminal is a job of patience, one has to be patient, leverage social engineering and networking to find vulnerabilities and exploit them. Also it can be difficult to find the real culprits. We can only prevent cyber crime and that can only be done by giving proper importance to cyber security.

  13. A very informative article for a common man highlighting information about different cyber crimes and laws for them in different countries.Well organized article

  14. Being a law student it is not only important to know the laws of our country but other countries as well. According to me the data provided in the article regarding cyber laws of other countries is sufficient for a beginner. The laws are explained in brief which is best part of the article. At the end I would like to say the article was very informative.

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