21 thoughts on “Cyber Fraud Under The IPC And IT Act

  1. This is article is fine and the details and the provisions of the mentioned Act is correct but there are many grammatical error and could be written in improved english and introduction portion is also very short, can mention to the point information.

  2. Get to know about various provisions of these two act which is required also to be known.

  3. so i really like how he has perfectly mentioned the provisions of law applicable under different scenarios but the language is vague and it will be hard for an ordinary person to know about it and i also hoped that the IT act and the ipc would be much better linked and written in a manner which is easy to understand since an ordinary individual might not have that much of knowledge to understand the basics.

  4. We all know that the language mentioned in statutes are not easily understandable. The concise and simple language used in the article would be helpful for a layman to be aware of the provisions.
    A well written article indeed!

  5. I liked the way a parallel had been drawn between the IPC and IT Act but I do feel that the article could have been more organised.

  6. A really good attempt! And the topic you have chosen is really good. It will be really helpful for laymen who are not known to legal provisions as the concepts you have explained is really simple to understand.

  7. Article is really good! clearly shows the link between two different statutes i.e IT ACT and IPC but there are some grammatical errors otherwise the article is easy to understand even for amateurs.

  8. This article gives a clarity about various provisions of cyber crimes under IT Act 2000 and Indian People Code by which a person can differentiate between specific provisions that he can use against the person who commits cyber crime.

  9. The author has made a good attempt in comparing IT Act, 2000 and IPC, 1860. However, he has failed to inculcate all the aspects in this regard. Some provisions of IT Act are similar to those of IPC but it is quintessential to highlight that there is a difference between the nature of punishment and the nature of offences under both the laws. Furthermore, the author should have highlighted that in case of overlapping of the provisions of both the act, the Special act (lex speacilis) i.e. IT Act will prevail over the general act (lex generlais )i.e. IPC.

  10. It is an amazing article which throws light on overlapping sections of IPC and IT act. This article make it easy to build a bridge between the two acts. But it needs some changes as there are a lot of grammatical errors

  11. It is very good artilce providing us knowlege about IPC section that deals with cyber crimes.

  12. The laws have been explained, however, it is blatant copy pasting. There are several grammatical errors which the author should have checked and corrected before submitting. A case law in such topics is highly recommended. There is no proper introduction, conclusion and no personal touch to this article.

  13. The application of provisions of IPC to cyber crime should have been explained in a better manner. Another thing is that the article lacks examples as well as case laws. Whatever demerits are there but one has to say that the article is an informative one.

  14. Honestly it an amazing article stating numerous provisions of IPC and IT act and it’s a kind of connection article between IPC and IT act but there are few grammatical mistakes

  15. Article is really good! clearly shows the link between two different statutes i.e IT ACT and IPC.

  16. I really like this article and this is very informative article and I am very impressed by the contents of the article. I like the way the author has mentioned sections related to his topic and where it is needed but I think that there is a lack of case laws.

  17. Got to know about many IT Act provisions and all above mentioned provisions of IPC are correct. It totally brings out the similarities or overlapping of the IPC,1860 and IT Act, 2000.

  18. The article is well organized and the complete information has been provided by the author. It will be helpful for someone who is doing research under this topic.

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