Community Guidelines

Digital Infosec media is a leading digital media platform which covers all the news related to entertainment, politics, culture, crime, sports, business, basically anything and everything we tend to cover.



We publish article in both the languages English and Hindi. Our writers who are associated with the platform endeavor to pen down their opinion into the pieces that we publish therefore we try to make it a safe place for our writers.


We totally understand different opinions of people towards other which leads to a debate which is totally acceptable and fair but debate leading to insolence towards anybody is a complete no and impermissible. And we expect from our writers to keep in mind certain things before publishing the article.



1. Referring and targeting to an individual for his culture, religious beliefs or any other belief is strictly prohibited. Taking into account the debate or its subject is admissible.


2. A writer is not allowed to copy the contents of other pieces and publishing on the platform as it is a form of stealing only and we believe in complete abstention from stealing. Any content if found plagiarized will be immediately taken down from the website.


3. We respect everyone’s different opinion over politics and stuff and that is totally justifiable but accusing someone over politics, putting allegations and threatening them through articles is prohibited.


4. Undoubtedly we are against any content supporting or promoting any kind of pornographic content. Spreading pornographic content through any medium is a criminal offence.


5. It is advisable to writers to not publish any content that may violate an individual’s privacy or is confidential in any way.


6. We do not publish any promotional content or advertisement and so does the writers are advisable not to publish any such content promoting goods, organizations or institutions.

Being a digital media platform we expect from our writers to cover the content globally keeping in mind the above mentioned guidelines which are mandatory to follow.


We do believe in retaliation of debates but in a positive manner and putting forward the content in a healthy manner keeping in mind the other person’s outlook. However we reserve the right to take down the article if any of the above guidelines are violated.