1. Well written article….yes these days cyber stalking is incredibly increasing and this article gives us details for all this and also the measures one can take to prevent this

  2. This article is really very well writtern .We put so much of our lives online that it has become extremely easy for someone to stalk you online. Your interests, events you’re attending, places you visit, your workplace, email, and even your phone number can be found with just a little bit of digging.

    Cyberstalking is common — at least 40% of adults report experiencing some sort of harassment online, including stalking, with the majority of targets being women. We must follow the safety measures to protect us from cyber stalking.

  3. Now a days Cyberstalking is more serious as it involves nefarious intentions, ranging from false accusations and defamation to sexual harassment and even encouraging others to harass the victim.If you’re being attacked by a cyberstalker through email, messaging apps, or any other electronic means, keep the records. Save copies and take screenshots as evidence.

    Report them to the platform on which the harassment is taking place. It might take some time, but most websites and apps have strict policies against such abuse. Then, block the attacker and do not engage with them any further, no matter how tempting it might be. This can really protect you.

    1. This subject matter of this article is of serious relevance in today’s day and age. Being safe than sorry, as the author has rightly pointed out, may sound like victim blaming but it is the only way by which individuals can truly protect themselves from online crime.
      Its important to NOT share private information online and harassers should be blocked and reported immediately.
      Harassers gain their confidence from not being reported and hence continue to become more and more creative with their crimes.

  4. An article worth reading, as people trapped in such circumstances don’t know the provisions related to such a crime of cyber stalking so here is the information provided.

  5. The article is is immensely informative of the legal structure surrounding the issue. A question that remains is how a person is supposed to be aware of being stalked when there is no sign of it left via some activity like comments, reactions etc.

  6. It’s a very precise and well-written article. Most of the Indians are not aware of the legal provisions they have for cyber crimes, thus such informative and concise articles are helpful. Cyber criminals will attack systems for a wide variety of reasons, ranging from altruistic intentions, personal glory, revenge, espionage, and financial gain. And since it is done in such a covert manner, it is our responsibility to be cautious and take effective safeguards.

    1. Cyberstalking is new in our country and most of the people did’nt know about cyberstalking. Through this medium I think people can aware and secure him from stalkers. Well written article for people.

  7. The article is certainly on point and would help an unaware individual to get some facts straight and what danger their activities might pose because all of these crimes happens because people are so ignorant and unaware about other person’s privacy and i think this article if shared among those unawares then it can definitely change some of their ignorance into tolerance.
    great work!

  8. Great article and covered all the scope of cyber stalking.
    As these days cyber crime is increasing day by day so these type of article are needed to create awareness among public at large.

  9. Sharing each and every detail of your life has become a necessity for the young generation. These people invite criminal at their doorstep. In the quest of show-off, they share their personal information which is used as a weapon against themselves. The author has precisely shown the legal aspects and the preventive measures for such crimes which is of immense use in spreading awareness amongst the readers.

  10. This article is well elaborated with quality content .As of now people are so much in to social media they don’t even know if they commit an offence of stalking as it is a very common thing nowadays , this article may help in understanding people whether they do an offence of stalking or not.

  11. Well-written and a comprehensive article. Again, a couple of real life instances and personal views on the topic is recommended.

  12. Nowadays cyber stalking is growing rapidly and the irony is that most of the people are not even aware about the same. Many girls suffer from such harassment everyday and they just don’t know how to respond to such acts of the stalker and because no actions are taken against such stalkers, they become more and more confident and continue to do the same act. But this article is an eye opener to every girl out there and will help them to report such stalkers and live their life peacefully.

  13. A very informative and well written article. Many girls suffer everyday from harassment, cyberbullying, cyberstalking. The article is useful to prevent them from such offences.

  14. Cyber stalking is a very major issue and issue that is a topic which is very less talked about and is not considered a major issue but it is and specially for girls as they have private photos which they want unknown not to see amd then they comment bad things which is really very humiliating. I am very happy that the author of this article has indepth dealt with this article and has read alot and collected quite good information about this topic.

  15. Cyber stalking is very common these days on social media apps such as Facebook and Instagram. Some people do not even know if cyber stalking is a crime. The article is very informative as it provides necessary details about cyber stalking.

  16. One of the major problem with sharing information on social media is cyber stalking. Youth nowadays share almost everything on internet. Cyber stalking increases anxiety and stress among the people. More strict laws should be made against it.

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