1. This article is highly informative and mainly focuses on how the women in our society is being attacked by the cyber crime and how to be safe from the cyber attack on women. The article clearly explains the basics what is cyber crime ,different types of cyber crime,magnitude of cyber crime against women in India,legal frameworks,safety measures.It is easily understandable and help women to not being fall under cyber attack.

  2. Crimes against women are increasing and criminals now are using a variety of methods to commit them, it is possible now to commit an offence from the vicinity of home and hide all the footprints because any traces or evidences of such offences can be erased easily. This make it more difficult to trace and investigate these matters . It is very likely that a convict might be arrested so most of the instances people ignore the idea of reporting the matter. We need a better system where these offenders can be tracked and put into the judicial system for serving justice.

  3. The article for me focussed on cyber harrassment for all and found some data to be copied from some other articles.

  4. A perfect article on how much women women has to suffer due to improper knowledge of rights for protecting themselves from any kind of Cyber harassment. I also observed that on social media people make lots of fake profile and try to do something wrong with a woman or a child. cyber awareness for womens is like must required.

  5. One of accurate article read.
    Women fear to complaint about it as society will think that they were doing something wrong as you have seen many cases too.
    Women have to be bold, strong to overcome any situation to get herself justice.

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