1. Data protection is a big talk now , with being omnipresent over internet now data is more vulnerable than it was before. The notion cannot be simply ignored huge data is now selling openly over darknet and if it is not stopped at once then there shall be more cases and there is no boundaries as to what cannot be done with data . It is a wake up call for all of us to take necessary measures to handle this matter.

  2. With the advent of technology, the burning topic now days are data protection which is at length discussed in this blog by the author but we have to take note that India is not a party to any convention on the protection of personal data which is equivalent to the GDPR or the Data Protection Directive. However, India has adopted or is a party to other international declarations and conventions such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, which recognize the right to privacy. The data protection also gained tremendous attention after the data privacy bill and report of Shri B N Srikrishna committee submitted its report on the same. In the absence of any sue generous law, we have IT Act and the landmark ruling of Apex court about the right to privacy which strengthens the topic of data privacy.

  3. Unlike the strict EU laws, in India we are far away from making the large brands like facebook, google to handle the data of our population very carefully and not to sell it to advertisers! Cheap smartphone brands which provide budget phones to almost 70% of our country, are able to cut their costs by making huge profits on selling user data!
    We need much more effective laws and for that, we need people with better understanding of these threats, to suggest the ministers about the same.

  4. In 20th century it’s must need to priorities data protection and keep the data highly secured. very well explained and informative. Thank you Mam for this great article.

  5. The laws were well defined and article was informative. I think analysing these laws may have been handy and useful.But still I found the article informative.

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