1. True But Before We Do That We need To Assure What We Doing Is this Real Fact.If Yes Then What Exact Incident happened WIth You.Give Them Each And Every Posiible Detils SO they Can Resolve Ishu..Great Info…

  2. Very informative article. Most people in our country don’t know how to report a cybercrime. This article is helpful for such people.

  3. As the number of cyber crime case such as fraud, impersonation,and cyber bullying etc is increasing at an alarming rate it has become extremely necessary for oneself to know how to deal with such situations incase he falls victim to such criminal activities. In India most people are unaware of what to do in these situations and even if they do know about it they are resentful about reporting it to the specialized personals/ organizations appointed to deal with it .
    This article very nicely highlights what cybercrime is along with where and how to report in case you are a victim. It is very informative and a good read .

  4. Precisely,This article makes one to understand where and how to report a Cybercrime . Also it also clearly explain about the cybercrime cells.
    This article is highly informative,easily understandable and helps the one who is being attacked under cybercrime to report about that.

  5. A must read for youngsters and professionals who use internet everyday. This information will be helpful for to all the people who are not aware about the available channels of reporting a cyber crime. This is an earnest service for all the users, and laymen as we all need such information and as much as possible so that we atleast know what to do when we face a a cyber crime.

  6. Although we do have a very well established method of reporting cyber offences, yet there is always a threat of anonymity to the victim, and that is what keeps them from reporting it most of the times. We should develop and spread an anonymous way to report the offence, where there is no way of tracking the victim. This will ensure that people remain in their comfort zone and report the wrong that happened with them without being worried about the consequences.

  7. well done. It’s is really important to spread this informative and effective articles.people should aware of how to report a cyber crime.

  8. There is a gap in article that is what to do between realising a cybercrime and reporting it in order to prevent further damage or evidences being removed. I thing this has not been covered. Else everything was fine for me.

  9. Understandable article but all the mobile and Internet users must be knowing the boon and name of technology. They should be aware so that cyber Crime doesn’t increase.

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