1. A very alarming incident and another reminder of why we should be very careful while connecting to the network and sharing our information . It also highlighted the fact that how vulnerable we all are in our day to day lives and might have to pay even if it’s not our fault in any way. A very informative article indeed.

  2. This article provides the best practices to avoid a data breach in workplace and also gives information on how to manage data breaches.

  3. This article is well written about the cyber crimes that are on the workplace where the data’s are being breached also this article helps one to stay safe from the data breach by updating regularly ,changing passwords frequently,downloading from authorised resource ..etc

  4. Well detailed information about the data breach. Our nation is not ready for such things as darkweb is a swarm of dangerous and notorious hackers and syndicates then we think. A single place where anything and everything is on sale even the precious data of a real person. There is no probability as from where it came and how it was posted there but one thing is for sure if this matter is not taken seriously a bigger threat will be there shortly after this.

  5. Although one should keep a data backup in a hard drive or a USB, yet it should be well encrypted and password protected so that even if the drive lands in wrong hands, the data isn’t accessed by the culprit to be.

  6. Mam you are providing lots of informative, effective and can understood with ease.Thank you very much Mam for all those articles written by you.

  7. In my opinion the article could have been a way lot better and information provided was insufficient for this topic.

  8. An alarming articles for data breach and data selling. I really appreciate the content and facts. thanks for reminding us again that we need to maintain our privacy on internet very carefully.

  9. An article which shows that the government agencies have to be more efficient in tackling situation by upgrading themselves and the people working in Cyber cell.
    It also suggests that common people also have to be alert.

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