7 thoughts on “CYBER CRIME IN MUMBAI

  1. Mumbai which is also considered as dream city is a hub of cyber crimes. The reason for the same is very well explained in this article. Also the suggestion that police officials posted to the special cell should have the technical aptitude and qualification to solve a cyber-crime case is all need to focus on. The government should organize special workshops and programs to educate them as to how to deal with these cyber crimes whose number is increasing day by day.

  2. A team or a unit should be set up for training employees at various police stations in order to deal with the lack of expertise in police officials.

  3. Very informative article. Didn’t know much about the cyber crimes situation in Mumbai. Thanks.

  4. This article mentions an important point of the lack of experts in the respective department while tackling cybercrime. The judges who are appointed, at least some of them should be experts in this section of law as they would be handling the case in a proper manner. People also need to be aware of such cheaters who are calling and asking for bank details.

  5. The article is well explained and the most important thing is the lack of expertise around us.

  6. In midst of this pandemic some people are helping others while there are few who just care about one thing only that is earning money. Mumbai being a economic hub of our country is also one of the biggest city for organized crime. History is sole witness that Mumbai was the favorite place for criminals . No doubt people there are effected more by such issues . Criminals now use hacking and other means to mobilise their schemes as technology has given them the chance to act remotely. Information and data shared in the article is good enough for a reader to understand why Mumbai has such drastic numbers when it came to cyber crimes.

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