5 thoughts on “भारत में लॉक्डाउन के बीच बढ़ रहे साइबर अपराध

  1. Article was useful for awareness . punishment fir such offences be made more stricter like life imprisnment and absolute liability, under sec 66.F ,66.D of IT and u.sec 416 if IPC and laws be passed on phishing

  2. Information given in the article is updated and helpful for the readers. People are not aware about the risks involved in using the internet. Countless hacker syndicates are actively looking for careless people to pry thier information hack into thier system and steal the data. Even in name of donations this can be done easily it is to understand that whatever the website is asking from the user, the user must check the credibility of the website and foremost contact the organization first to check whether it is legit or just a fake website.

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