14 thoughts on “Phishing attacks in name of Aarogya Setu app increasing

  1. I send you a assignment on Phishing so if you will go through on it I think a general and clear concept will built after reading it.

  2. Great and very informative article it highlights that people can even take advantage of a global pandemic by this article the readers will get to know about the people who are exploiting pandemic circumstance to deceive the clients to surrender their touchy data by exploiting the intrigue related with ongoing novel coronavirus exercises, news, and data and it also provides some measures like checking the trustworthiness of URLs before getting login etc.

  3. This article help us to know about the people who are exploiting pandemic circumstance.
    Great information.

  4. This is a very helpful article and is great in knowing the uses of the new app and is good and informative during this pandemic time.

  5. This article shows that even in this COVID-19 pandemic where crimes against human body, property etc are decling but cyber crimes are increasing rapidly.

  6. The government seems adamant towards not strengthening the objective of right to privacy for the citizens. For a long time, it did not release any data regarding the app and now with such cybercrimes on the rise, it needs to re-evaluate the strategies concerning possible data leak. The citizens should, however, resort to basic safety measures on the internet to ensure protection from phishing or fraud.

  7. “Aarogya Setu app-focused phishing have seen high rise. Phishing denotes to the cyber term of cheating an internet user through a fake SMS or email and then breaching their privacy to steal sensitive information from them. This, shows which types of people are there, as we are already going through a bad phase and these people are adding more to it.
    And you have explained very well as people should be aware about this.

  8. Very good article , delightful to read. It shows how hackers are exploiting general public in this situation of pandemic

  9. Article is very helpful.this will lead us to think before downloading any app and filling info over there.also phishing is rising day by day ti increase cyber security govt should deploy more national agencies to monitor and collect traffic data. And to prevent intrusion.scope of IT rules,2011 be made more wider

  10. Aarogya Setu app is government’s initiative to battle this pandemic which has not only affected India but the whole world. If we see on play store there are more than 100 million downloads of this app, our prime minister has been constantly mentioning about this app in his speeches, also the app has been advertised by big celebrities such as Ajay Devgan. But the app comes with a lot of loopholes which the government should immediately take into consideration. Not only phishing attacks but there are several other problems. The article was very informative in sharing alarming information about increasing phishing attacks on the app.

  11. They type of phishing attacks are called internal attacks where one or many changes are done to a system in order to get the information of the user These attacks were the answer as to how hackers are able to get the information of countless people . Unless we are careful we cannot prevent them from prying into our data. Bow finding these hackers is like finding a needle in a haystack because it is almost impossible to trace them back. If they are smart we need to be even smarter than them and use caution before acting

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