8 thoughts on “Cross-site scripting

  1. This article has aroused my interest in cross site scripting and after reading this article I wish to read more about it. I would also like to mention that I am highly impressed with the simple and self explanatory language of the author.

  2. This article helps to understand the basic concept of cross site scripting and its procedure. While surfing the net and revealing our information to websites we should be aware.

  3. If I say one word for this article is just Wow..
    As, I was just looking for this topic from a long time and today I got this but after reading this article I feel.. It’s worth it.

  4. This article taught me a new things and made me aware of XSS. Very informative and interesting

  5. Article is useful. This offense must be severely punished u sec 43.a, 43.c, 43.h of ITact 2000.thankq for this wonderful article

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