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  1. the article was informative , well versed and an interesting read. Good work ma’am on sharing knowledge on intellectual property. The article could include the sections of the law which deal with intellectual property in India and how they work here , it would help people to know how ,where and on what basis can they apply for jurisdiction in case thy need to . Please include these if possible and keep up the good work.

  2. The article explains the concerned issue in a very nice manner. The writer has shared a piece of great knowledge about IPR from its need to its protection. It is written in a quite proficient manner. It explains the history of IPR in proper sections with meaningful content. However, It could have included famous case laws where this concept was discussed firstly.

  3. This article clearly defines that who should fear India’s patent law?Ever since India changed its intellectual property laws in 2005 to permit products patents in India, the country has been increasingly granting patents.

  4. IPR is an interesting field and is helpful for people related with creativity such as web designers, graphic designers, photographers, workers, bloggers, content creators etc. Article follows all the points essential for understanding and it is very good to see that it is in simple language making it more informative for common masses. Also it is very detailed and uniform for the reader to understand the various streams of IPR. A plausible job here is done of compiling all the data putting it in one place.

  5. Mam, each and every articles are very informative and effective.we get the lot of useful information more and more from your articles that impact on our minds. Such a huge thank you…

  6. Wonderful work done in this topic. Great and informative article and was able to put a great influence in this regard.

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