Police Advisory on cyber frauds relating to facebook

Police Advisory on cyber frauds relating to facebook

Advisory on cyber frauds relating to facebook

Cyber crime bhopal has received some applications ij connection with cyber frauds in which facebook profiles are being hacked and fake facebook profiles are being made. They are sending messages on messenger through these profiles to their relatives seeking monetary help. After getting acquainted people are depositing money in their account.

Therfore, to avoid these types of crime it is neccesary to keep following points in mind

* Never keep your facebook password as your birth date or mobile number. Always keep you password strong, include aplha numeric characters in your passowrd. Keep changing your password frequently.

* Never share OTP( one time password) with anyone in any circumstances. If facebook profiles is logged in through any other device except mobile phones, then do not forget to log out. If anyone’s fake profile has been created, then every facebook friend including himself should report it.

* If a person’s fake profile has been created or the profile has been hacked, then inform your friends and relatives about the profile as soon as possible.

* Never add unknown people on Facebook.

* If anyone is seeking monetary help from you whether they are your friends, family, or any relative, never deposit money. And if you wanto to help then first of all verify that person’s bank account mobile number and other information at your level completely and only then deposit the money.

*Always keep the privacy setting of Facebook profile strong and do not let your personal information become public.

* Avoid sharing your live location on Facebook.

*With the help of your vigilance and understanding, the intentions of such criminals or thugs can be curbed.

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  1. This article is quite informative for all the Facebook users who face cyber crime while using the Facebook. Cyber cell cops can track Facebook as it is a most famous social media. Each profile has a specific id(profile id), each comment has a specific id(comment id), each post has a specific id etc.

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