17 thoughts on “Cybercrime: Legal tools available to combat Cybercrime

  1. With the ever increasing use of the cyber space, cyber crimes have also increased commensurately. The article is very helpful since it not only lists the various provisions that can be taken help of in cases of such crimes, but also explains the same, under two important legislations: the IT Act, 2000 and the IPC, 1860

  2. The article has clearly mentioned the objective behind the making of the Information Technology Act 2000 (IT Act). All the important provisions related to cyber law in not only the IT Act but also Indian Penal Code are explained in the article which is an appreciable thing as one can find all the important provisions at one place.

  3. Thanks for this very informative article!
    The article provides insights into various sections of the IT Act 2000. The internet is anonymous and the criminals are not just from one state or country but the syndicate is all over the globe and laws must be updated in order to meet the present technological advancements.

  4. Obviously , it is the only way to control cyber cyber crime law accepted the standard of acceptable behaviour for information and communication technology user and established a social legal sanctions for cyber crimes and protect the users

  5. It’s a must read article on cyber laws and cyber crime for all. Especially for CLAT aspirants and law students, the article works as a perfect founding stone for cyber crime laws in India. The author has done an amazing work on the Article.

  6. The article is very informative and explains about all the important sections of IT Act and when and how they can be applied. The article also gives a general understanding about cybercrimes.

  7. This Article covers every legislation that is enacted for purpose of protection of individual’s privacy in cyber space and extends every crime that is done in respect of a person physically to the acts done via internet.

  8. The article covers all the laws relating to cyber crime which is very informative. The writer has done a good job in researching about this subject matter. Overall, a good article.

  9. The article after reading feels like, it is complete in totalitarian manner, by this I mean that, the article has got all the information one needs to have when going against cybercrime.

  10. It is extremely important for everyone to know about legal tools for cyber crime ,It helps a person to know under which provisions he/she can file a complaint against cyber crime.

  11. The article is informative and inculcates some important provisions relating to cyber crime from IT Act and IPC. Knowledge of cyber crimes is necessary as sometimes people unknowingly commit a crime.

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