7 thoughts on “CYBERSTALKING

  1. Uses of case laws is very much beneficial and the combination with the relevant section is a hard catch. Thankyou for this article

  2. Very useful and the prevention mentioned in this article are easy to implement for anyone.
    Well it’s more informative.

  3. The information is relevant and useful to understand the stalking but prevention is not mentioned suitably.

  4. yeah it’s very good article on cyber STALKING people need to know their rights, when to stop someone from stalking them. also people to become mentally strong as it’s very difficult to stop everyone from criticizing you.

  5. Informative, useful and easy to understand. It is growing threat for privacy of people. They also have less knowledge and they even don’t know that they are being stalked.
    Until and unless people are not aware they will think it is not a big problem.

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