18 thoughts on “Spoofing Attack

  1. The author has very well drafted the article explaining about spoofing attack ,its various types ,author has almost covered all the sub topics explaining each in a very concise manner giving real life examples as cases which affected people to a greater extent showed the dier need to prevent these attacks ,a well written and an informative article but could have included cases. Instead of examples so that people can know what consequences does these attackers face when once they are caught

  2. Thanks for feeding me with such information. I earlier had no idea about such attacks but now I’m well informed. I really appreciate your research.

  3. I had no clue about what spoofing was and what happens in the process, how hackers get use of it but now I’ve got some knowledge.

  4. Now what i find the most impressive thing about this article is that most of the people dont know about and are not aware of a spoofing attack which is this article is very important and the author has done a great job in describing the thing from tip to bottom.

  5. Great article. I am also working on the same topic and got to know the many information and it was really useful.

  6. The article successfully informs the readers about the basic knowledge of spoofing. It very well explains how spoofing works with the help of examples. However, it fails to provide effective preventive measures against spoofing.

  7. The article covers all the required points. It’s well-written with good examples, however, preventive measures could have been elaborative with a personal touch.

  8. Sometimes, rather most of the times we do not realise how scary the internet can be. Things can happen out of the blue, just like that. The article here helped me understand the angles the risk can come through. But are there some law against Spoofing? If not then which country has the most effective law against it?

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