7 thoughts on “Information Security and Cyber Law

  1. Prevention of Cyber crime is very necessary. No one and I say No one is safe in this evolving world of Internet which is moving faster than we could ever think of. The problem with the people is that they are vulnerable and they don’t even realize it. There can’t be any hard and fast rule or a list of things to do to ensure your complete safety against cyber crimes but you can certainly do the following to keep yourself reasonably safe.

  2. There is no proper introduction and starting from suggestions to prevent cyber crime was a little vague. Most of the laws have been just mentioned and not explained to make the article concise even though some explanation is recommended.

  3. Prevention of cybercrime is need of the hour. Cybercrimes are increasing day by day and it should be reduced. The article gives the methods to prevent cybercrimes but it is not sufficient. The article should have contained elaborated steps to prevent cyber offences which seems missing.

  4. Honestly speaking it’s a kind of insufficient article we all know cybercrimes are increasing day by day and we need to prevent everyone from it but this article isnt that good enough as some crucial points and topics are missing.Well tried better luck next time

  5. In this era everything is internet based. This gives a platform for criminals to commit crimes online. While using internet everybody should handle with mindfully.

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