10 thoughts on “VISHING and PHISHING

  1. Well written article.
    Beautifully explained about online phishing fraud which is very prevalent now a days.
    As there is more of technological advancement, more the number of cases of cyber fraud are registered. It can be prevented if the people itself are aware of the fraud. In this article author has tried to explain it all.

  2. As in this digital world , many people are aware of various crimes over internet but still many people are not so aware about such cyber crimes, and as a result, they become victims of crimes such as vishing and phishing. In the above article, it is well explained about such crimes and how we can prevent such cyber crimes such as we should not share any of our personal information on any calls, or e-mails and such similar steps can be taken to prevent such crimes. At the end, one must be aware of such crimes taking place nearby.

  3. Very well written article. The article clearly explained how the offences are committed, preventive measures as well as relevant provisions from the statutes. If you would have also explained pharming which is a similar type of offence, it would have been more informative for the readers.

  4. Well written article clearly stating about the offence and it’s prevention due to growth in technology cyber crimes are growing day by day and we need to focus on it and by this article author has tried to influence the reader about it

  5. Phishing is a classic example of cybercrime. Advancement of technology results in rapid increase of crimes with it but we need to stay alert, secure and aware.

  6. In this article you have explained many points about Phishing and explained it in a good manner.. even I have shared this article with one of my friend because in this article you have explained the term phishing and it’s prevention well.

  7. I had never heard about vishing and phishing this article gives a neat and clear understandable structure notes on vishing and phishing.This article is very useful that it made me to be aware of the vishing and phishing also explains how to prevent ourselves fro m these types of attacks through vishing and phishing.

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