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  1. Very helpful article indeed
    There still isn’t enough knowledge dread about IoT despite it being so commonly used by the People. The article is a step forward to spread awareness about cyber world.

  2. The author has adopted a technical approach in dealing with the concept of IoT, which is appreciated. The article is concise and achieves its objectives of explaining the meaning of this technology in a simple manner. However, considering the platform and its aims, there is a lack of legal examination of the issue. Although the technical aspect of Internet of Things is explained, the consequences of such technology on personal data and individual privacy is missing. When a technology has the capability to perform its tasks without any human intervention, it is imperative to analyse its implications on individual privacy. A short examination of existing regulatory and governance measures for IoT in India is also lacking. The approach of the author is appreciated and respected and these findings are my personal views which are open to criticism.

  3. It is actually very tough to define Internet of Things but the writer, by taking the help of example, has defined it easily. By explaining how does the internet of things work, the definition meaning has become more comprehensible. It is appreciable that the writer has also tried to give us an insight into the future of this technology.

  4. The information provided on IoT is useful and the writer has given good examples for better understanding. However, the article did not contain the adverse effects of IoT. But still great work.

  5. The IoT is an emerging technology, that is soon going to take over most of the tasks that require human beings to be done. The author has explained the phenomena in very simplistic terms, using good examples. The article is informative and quite useful.

  6. This was very informative. Learnt stuff I did not know about. Well written article. This article is very much understandable.

  7. Great Article about IOT (internet of things) . Must Read! As it beautifully explains about the the topic

  8. A good article towards the introduction to IOT, however I felt that the author has left the article incomplete. IOT has now become a field of specialization in itself, and the author could have encompassed many other facets of IOT. Really liked the part where the author breaks IOT to its simplest form. The author has only mentioned the pros of IOT, but like every coin has 2 faces, IOT has it own defects and shortcomings, which the author has clearly neglected.

  9. A well-written article, the way the author explained the IoT definition is appreciated, it is very to difficult to define something like this. That Have Built-In Sensors are Connected to IoT platforms that store data from all the connected devices. The important data is then used to perform tasks that fulfill the needs of People. Thanks for such an informative article!

  10. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  11. The article is quite informative as it explains a technical term like IoT in very simple and understandable language. It’s written very briefly and to the point. A good read to learn and understand IoT.

  12. Very precise and well descriptive article. This article very finely explains the topic with a good example.

  13. The article provides brief information about Internet of things which most probably, from 10 years from now, will be a part of every individual’s life

  14. This article was hard to research about and still the author has done a good job at it. I am very much enlightened about this topic. Very informative. Easily understandable.

  15. Very interestingly written article ,engaging a reader throughout and arising the sense of learning more about the topic ,very well explained through a real life telling how it is used and helpful in day to day activities ,smartly researched and drafted.the article is interesting yet informative .

  16. A short introduction to IoT which is brief but covers most of the details. Even though it was interesting the one drawback was that it was too short.

  17. The author has defined the complicated topic of IoT in a very smooth and easy to read manner. It s a perfect-read for a layman. However, I was expecting more information or details about IoT as the author had already caught my attention with the engaging article

  18. A new concept which looks amazing theoretically but eager to see the working and its results practically. The example made it easy to understand.

  19. such well explained piece,genuinely the author described a thing which sounds very difficult to understand.
    the example which was given and the very kind and simple language is what a reader desires from an article and surely very excellent short piece.
    loved reading it.

  20. This article is so efficiently written with a very easy language, extremely understandable . Highly recommended for beginners.

  21. The author has put in simple terms a concept which looks quite technical. The author has very beautifully explained the concept of IoT and how it works. However, it would have become more useful if the author would have explained the threat of cyber security that the IoT encircles.

  22. The author could have given more details and I cannot help but notice how almost all the words begin with a capital letter which is grammatically incorrect.

  23. The article is simple and short that the author not getting deeper in the topic simply gave definition about IOT. The article would have been written in detailed so that people can get more information though the author work in this article is simple and intelligent that the person with knowledge about IOT can understand clearly.

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