32 thoughts on “Cybersquatting and Domain Name Dispute in India

  1. The article is very informative. It is also very important as it is dealing with an important contemporary issue of cyberspace. It has very clearly pointed out to the problems which are faced by several established companies in the world of domains. It would have been more good if the full form of WIPO and ICANN was written.

  2. The article made a good effort to aware people about the power of cyber criminals and to emphasize on the need of taking precautions on the part of users of internet. It is good that news source link is also given in the article.

  3. A comprehensive and concise article over a pressing issue. The issue of Cybersquatting can incur tremendous financial burden on developing companies. Considering that the E-commerce industry is developing at a very high rate, the issues regarding domain is indeed a serious threat. The views are my personal opinion that are open to criticism.

  4. The article is very informative. Until I read this article I never knew what cybersquatting is. But this Article helped me to understand the actual meaning of Cybersquatting and provided me with insights about what are the consequences due to this crime. Thanks for such an amazing article.

  5. The article explains the meaning of the terms like IP address and URL in a very simple manner. It throws light upon the issue of cybersquatting and deals with the laws prevailing against such a practice. It is an enlightening article that even a beginner can understand these complex terms easily.

  6. A comprehensive and concise article over a pressing issue. The issue of Cybersquatting can incur tremendous financial burden on developing companies. Considering that the E-commerce industry is developing at a very high rate, the issues regarding domain is indeed a serious threat. Thanks for such an amazing article.

  7. A very informative and helpful article for students interested in the field of cyber law. It is concise yet understandable as it is written in simple terms.

  8. My eyes are opened to what this cybersquatting is. The problems that different organizations face are given clearly. The domain, trademark all these are new to me but I learned a lot about these from the article below. I couldn’t understand few terms since I’m new to this. However this article really added to my knowledge.

  9. Cybersquatting is one of the very important issue faced by a number of online platforms in today’s internet savvy world. The article provides a comprehensive description of the issue and has also put light on the grievance redressal mechanism available. In short the entire article is an eye opener for a number people who are new to the cyber world.

  10. Thank you for this article. I got to learn new terms and more information. It was quite insightful.

  11. A very informative article describing the important issue of the cyberspace. This article provides lot of knowledge about the cyber squatting and many of the new terms related to it. But it would be more easier to understand if had included some relevant examples.

  12. The article provides the reader with an eye opening view of cyber squatting. The writer must have really worked hard on the article, as it can be clearly seen that such difficult concepts were delivered so easy and precisely, that any layman can easily understand. Though a few minor errors could be spotted. the introduction and the ending are not at par with the rest of the article. The internet is a product of the 20th century, whilst industrial revolution occurred in the 18th century. the writer could’ve even mentioned a few legal provisions to make the article appear better. the writer uses the acronyms WIPO & ICANN, but hasn’t mentioned anywhere what do they stand for. besides these few minor adjustments, the article was drafted really well.

  13. This is a informative article which throws light on a special cybercrime cyber squatting . It’s a difficult topic explained very easily. This article also tells about relation between domain name an trademark and inform us about the laws related to domain name and cyber squatting.

  14. The article is very accurate and provides all the required information cyber squatting. Its a comprehensive article over such critical issue . Cyber awareness is a must in today’s world.

  15. it was a very informative article about cyber squatters and dispute resolution. The Article though brief, highlights many important concepts.

  16. it was very beautifully written and the tough topic is easily understood by this article .cyber squatting is so much exercised now.

  17. good article about Cybersquatting.great work by Shreya Deb.i suggest everybody to read this article once

  18. The article was informative and concise. It clearly explains Cyber squatting in detail. The author has succeeded in relaying the information to the readers in an interesting manner. The writing style of the author makes it simple for the reader to understand. There were few minute mistakes as the writer did not mention the meaning of WIPO and ICANN other than that this article portrays that the writer is well-versed with the subject matter. Overall, the writer has done an excellent job.

  19. I think it is very important for us to read and educate ourselves about this deeply pressing issues specially in recent times. spreading awareness about the consequences of one’s social media presence needs to be acknowledged and well thought of. This article makes a valid point and makes it easy to get across the different terms that many are unaware of. it is well scripted and major terms that could have been hard to explain otherwise are easily and neatly done.

  20. A topic is of great relevance and not known by many people . Its well written and has covered all the important aspects of the topic from its meaning to laws relating to it, few things were quite difficult to understand and required search in a new tab. Valid points stated and the article was undisputed and informative.

  21. This article very well explains all the informative things required to understand domain name dispute, in simple language, making it easy for the beginners to understand very well..

  22. The writer has focused on every topic mentioned in the article extensively.
    The article is really well presented by the author and focuses on a contemporary issue related to cyber space, which is, cybersquatting. He has defined what cybersquatting is in the simplest form one can, which means, it is easy to understand and every person can go through it before getting into something related to domains.
    He has also explained the importance and relation of, domain name and trademark.
    He also talks about the remedies and laws related to domain name and trademark.
    The article is informative and extensive: good to read before getting into any sort of matter related to trademarks and domains.

  23. The problem of cybersquatting is very much common these days and faced by many online platforms and the term cybersquatting is not very often used and known and i think here the author has precisedly discussed with the readers the overall mechanism of a dispute and with the growing number of internet users around the world the problem will severely increase.

  24. The author addresses a lesser known concept but widely prevalent one in a very easy language making a rookie to understand the concept of cyber-squatting. In addition to this, legal aspects are also given precisely. I think all the information required for basic awareness of cyber-squatting is precisely given by the author in this article.

  25. Cybersquatting was a strange topic for me but the author describes it in an extreme good way by compiling every single fact of it. I got to know about a lot of informative stuff.

  26. The article is well drafted, although, the dispute between the two could have been highlighted a little more. It is otherwise a very comprehensive article.

  27. Very well explained could have been perfect it some examples would have been added but otherwise good content and good article for those who are new to this topic.

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