12 thoughts on “साइबर लॉ कंसल्टेंट ने बताये साइबर क्राइम से बचने के उपाय

  1. The article is very easy to understand. It has beautifully explained the ways in which the recent cyber crimes are generally committed and also the practical ways through which one can avoid them.

  2. cybercrime is big problems day- by- day in our lives and this is just like corona, because of the only shear any site after that everyone has known your data.

  3. Your stated information is very useful, in this, some of the main things have been told, which is worth noting.
    If anyone asks you for any kind of money through the website, then it is very important to get strong information about that person first.
    Such phone calls that come for jobs or for the bank and demand money, then, first of all, know about the caller whether he is a fraud person. For that take correct information from that organization or bank and do not give money without contact.

  4. This article is too the point, it states the cyber crimes which occur in India in a simple manner which is easy to understand. It contains good materials which can be grasped easily by the reader and can help in preventing cyber crimes. The one defect in this article is that only some of the crimes have been mentioned, major crimes such as cyber stalking or hacking have not been mentioned.

  5. This article is easy in terms of understanding ,And the points highlighted in this article might look insignificant but are essential to know.

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