1. A very comprehensive article. It mentions everything about cybercrimes, its types, and the laws related to it.

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  2. It was a great piece of articles with so much information on Cyber Crime and it’s remedies. Usually people just talk about Cyber crime with providing it’s remedies, but the law on Cyber crime states so much about the preventive ways of avoiding cyber crime.

  3. Amazing article.. this mentions everything .. and every detail.. and the ending is absolutely great ..

    1. Thankyou So Much Sneha Ji, am glad that you liked the Article, very very grateful for such inspiring words.

  4. It is a well-written and concise article with a great personal touch in the form of suggestions.

  5. Well written article have mentioned nearly all the provisions regarding cyber crime and it will be very useful for the reader and their understanding.

  6. The article is very nice and very informative. It explains everything very nicely and the laws for each offences is also explained very well. Overall a full package to learn about cyber crime.

  7. Very well written article. Remedies should be more focused on as many people don’t know about it and tend to ignore cybercrimes.

  8. Honestly speaking it’s an amazing article covering all the important information explaining laws for each offence.very informative

  9. IT Act,2000 is the primary act concerning cybercrimes. Government is taking great preventive measures and needs to continue so.

  10. Grt article preventive measures have been focused here as along with IT act scope IPC is also widened there are also additional provisions like sec 292 of ipc which punishes sale , distribution ,export of obscene electronic material and sec 464 of ipc defines false or fraudulent electronic recordsor documents and relevant punsihment u.s.471.centrap govt is also taking very effective measures from tm to tm but this also needs continuation.

  11. As cyber crime is increasing day by day, it is important for all of us to know what are the remedies available to us in case we are attacked by any kind of cyber crime. The IT Act and IPC are the two Acts that govern cyber laws in India. The article mentions all the important sections along with the case laws which helped in better understanding of the article. The article was informative from every aspect.

  12. cyber crime is getting stronger but there are different sections in IPC and IT Act 2000. this article is very informative and it clearly states the remedies given for the cybercrimes.

  13. A brilliant effort and research by the author of this article make it look like a perfect well structured one as the article clearly explains about the cyber crimes especially in India and types of cyber crimes in India .The article is highly informative that it precisely explains about the IT act ,Indian penal code and their applicability which is definitely very helpful .

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