1. Well written and provided insights about how the certifying authority functions and about the digital signatures. The comparison between the certifying authority and passport office clears all the doubts one can get after reading this article. Thanks for such amazing informative articles.

  2. Even though the article is short, it is informative as it is giving a general knowledge about the IT act. The main objective of the IT Act as well as the function of certifying authority is also made clear.

  3. The article about the IT act provides great information. The main objective of this act is clearly illustrated. The information about the certifying authority was neat and precise. It also ends with intense clarity that the one can have trust in these certificates.

  4. The article clearly explains the importance and the objective of the Information Technology Act. It elaborates upon what is a certifying authority under the act and explains the rules notified under the act. Though, I would have liked more expansion on the rules, the article is nevertheless very informative.

  5. A very informative and well written article. Nicely described the rules under IT act and very precisely and appropriately explained.

  6. The author seems a bit confused while writing the article, the introduction has an emphasis is on e-commerce, but doesn’t elaborates it. The author hasn’t mentioned anywhere about the 2008 amendment to the said Act. Coming towards the end of the article, the author has not provided the readers with a satisfactory ending or conclusion. Also, the author has merely mentioned the provisions of the IT Act, provisions are neither briefed, nor their respective sections from the act are mentioned.

  7. Today, everyone uses the Internet. Everyone should know about IT Act 2000 and all people should know about IT Act 2000 rules. Your mentioned article talks about all the things related to IT Act 2000 and this information is very useful for all those who use internet today. Thanks, great article.

  8. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  9. though the Article is short , it provides basic information about IT Act 2002 and digital Signature certificate and Certifying Authority

  10. the article is trying to impart knowledge but fails to do it to an extent.This was not all about the IT Act,2000
    the people wants to know about how it can help and bring justice to the injured party. It lacks relevant information and also elaboration of points stated is missing

  11. The article was too short, it should have been more detailed. The introduction was good but the writer has fallen short in researching about the topic as the article leaves the readers in a confusion. It does not detail the topic of the article hence it is not sufficient. There was no conclusion in this article which is disappointing.

  12. The main objective of the IT act is clearly illustrated. The information about the certifying authority was neat and precise. Very well written article.

  13. A general overview about IT Act and Certifying Authority which is new for me completely

  14. The author tried to elaborate on certifying authority but could not but what good is that the author gave an example of passport which is pretty easy to understand from a general perspective but the issues underlying this were not addressed and hence its not giving a complete picture about the violations and regulations.

  15. This article explains Information Technology Act 2000 in a well informative way . IT Act 2000 was the great initiative by the government as it was the need of the hour as per the increasing cyber crime cases.

  16. The article is well-written, however, overview means the summary of the rules which I feel is missing.

  17. The article is quite ambiguous as it only explains who is a certifying authority u/s 24 of IT Act, 2000. It fails to take into consideration other sections which create a background of this section and explains who all can obtain licence to issue digital certificates (u/s 21 of IT Act, 2000). However, the author has very well explained who is a certifying authority and what is the work performed by it, but the nuances used in it like digital signature should have been briefly explained so that each and every reader could understand what the author wants to convey.

  18. This article is good as it explains the IT Act and its importance in the Indian system but the writer could have explained two-three points in detail rather than the points of the bare act. It informs us about international law on which the model of the IT Act is based.

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