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  1. Cyber Law is a new and upcoming area of law especially in India. Therefore, it becomes even more important that our country gets specialists and efficient professionals in this field. This article explains the field of cyber law for young lawyers and law students.

  2. The article is very much successful in establishing the importance of doing course or diploma in cyber law. It is appreciable that the article also talked about the practical application of some of the important provisions of Information Technology Act.

  3. This article can guide upcoming lawyers by providing them one more feild in cyber law and help them to understand and increase their knowlege upon it. It also help the student who are in law feild.

  4. इस आर्टिकल में काफ़ी अच्छे से सायबर लॉ के महत्व को समझाया है। भविष्य में सायबर लॉ की वज़ह से कई सारी नई जॉब्स और इंडस्ट्रीज स्थापित होंगी, यह समय इस बात से प्रेरित हो कर अवसरों का लाभ उठाने का है।

  5. In India, Cyber law is codified in a very well manner. But the implementation of the same is not made effectively. Like the cases were not heard at time and the trial is very slow. Because of this many people prefer to ignore some minor offences. The benefit of the law will only be gain when the implementation of the same is done properly and people will be made aware of the same through advertisement and by conducting campaign seminars and also promotion by government also.
    Due to the narrow scope of cyber law,many of the law students did even know about this branch of law. To improve this and keeping in mind the future scenerio as surely with the developing society these crimes are going to rise in future, the subject of cyber law shoulb be introduced in law schools in under graduate courses.
    This article by far is helpful in creating awareness among the law students about the cyber lawyer scope.

  6. Great article it will boost up the confidence im the law student to further study the study and choose their career opportunity as cyber cyber lawyer as it has a very wide scope and in the period of technological advancement the peak of cyber crime will considerably increase day by day so we will be needing more and more of cyber lawyer and firm, ngo and organization to deal with it.

  7. It is a great article. It will motivate the law students to choose their career as cyber lawyers as it is a growing branch of law. I am doing Btech(Computer Science) +LLB specialisation in cyber laws from UPES, Dehradun. I am lawyer with expertise in cyberlaws and also have a great knowledge in computer science being an engineer also. In case you need any assistance in the field of cyberlaw you can email me at singh.lovepreetofficial@gmail.com

  8. Great article for boosting the confidence of the student it is appriciable that the article is talking about the practical knowledge of the field and it’s a source for promoting the new field for the young generation of our country who wants to deal with cyber crimes

  9. Wow.. this article is a confidence booster for all the law students who are interested in the cyber crime branch.. I really like this article a lot.. As, it will be a great opportunity for every student.

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