1. Extremely helpful!!
    In today’s world, more than 65% of the total population uses internet and cybercrime is something running parallel to this increased internet consumption. In such a circumstance prevention is always better than cure. Thankyou for sharing this article.

  2. In the times of COVID 19, the topic covered is a much needed and important one. All the tips which have been given are helpful and are not tough to understand or to apply. Appreciable thing in the article is that good examples are used.

  3. During this crisis, people should be helping each other morally and also financially. But this creates a scope for fraudsters to interfere. Only awareness can help people not to fall into the trap.
    Please do follow the above-mentioned tips.
    Spread awareness.
    Good article and nice job.

  4. People, confined inside their homes, have resorted to increased use of the internet, for work, social interactions, education and so on. In such a time internet has become even more indispensable and consequently more dangerous. Thus, the tips by Google to protect oneself from cyber crime are extremely relevant and useful. The author has adequately summarized them.

  5. A really amazing article, in the recent times cyber activity has gone up many folds due to people stuck in their houses, using the net for work as well as entertainment. This has definitely let to a surge in cyber crimes too. The author has in this brief article has covered almost every aspect of the cyber frauds in the current times. I really appreciate how the author even focuses on how people who want to help others, are taken advantage of by the evils that prevail in the society.

  6. Very useful content Thanks!
    Most of us use Google for our daily works, It is a good initiative from Google to provide tips for safety of internet user considering the present condition (COVID -19 Pandemic), Thanks for such an amazing article!

  7. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  8. The article indicates all the ways people can protect themselves from scammers. All the tips mentioned if followed will help in reducing cyber crimes like scamming, identify theft and hacking. Must-read article.

  9. In this ongoing pandemic of covid-19 it is very important for the society to keep them safe from such cybercriminals and keeping them away from the fake news which gives a very wrong impact on the society thus this article is very helpful as it provides various precautions.

  10. during the pandemic google has given 5 tips Check the source, Donate directly through non-profit organizations and etc very interesting articles

  11. During the pandemic, we should be aware about recent malicious activities online and should take appropriate steps to prevent any commission of cyber fraud online. One of the most famous organisation, google has given some times which we should keep in mind while transferring money online.

  12. This was helpful. I got to know more about this. And this is true cybercrime has increased during this lockdown, as people are more prone to be preyed on while already being going through a vulnerability, like the pandemic.

  13. This was a much needed article as it can prevent people from falling prey to cyber crimes. The writer has brief explained the matter in an very efficient way. As people should be made aware of the situation so that they can be saved from it. Overall, a good article

  14. Its all about content and the author has done a tremendous job doing it.
    With the growing numbers of internet users and most of them are unaware of that there’s a thing called cyber crime so i think tips is what is the need of the hour to create more awareness about the issue among the people especially the one’s who get their hands on the internet very easily because they are the most vulnerable.

  15. Extraordinarily helpful!
    During this COVID-19 pandemic cyber crimes are increasing day-by-day ,It is significant to know for every person that by taking what measures they can protect themselves.

  16. The author came up with much needed information for online safety during the time of this pandemic through her article. The article is well informative yet some more points in the list of precautions would have been appreciated.

  17. This article is very informative and helpful, especially during this period when the scams are increasing due to COVID-19 pandemic. Everyone should follow these safety measures in order to protect themselves from cyber crimes.

  18. More details and instances of cybercrime happening right now is recommended. The author hasn’t given any conclusion to the article and the article also lacks personal viewpoints.

  19. Well written article and the points mentioned is to be duly followed by all so as to avoid any crime.
    As in the period of total lockdown most of person are active on internet and spending there maximum of time daily of internet and this make them prone to cyber crime so these point should be kept in mind so as to avoid these conditions.

  20. The maximum use of internet is done by people in this crucial time of corona virus to entertain themselves. these tips are very important to be safe.

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