1. The author has adequately pointed out the increasing menace of cyber crimes in today’s digital era. With the rise in the use of technology, come its peril of cyber crimes. Thus, it is absolutely essential that Non-governmental organizations come up to fight against the dangers. The author has listed three NGOs who have done exceptional work in the field and continue to do so. Their service to the society is well-appreciated.

  2. The Author provides his/her readers information about various national Level NGOs working in the field of Cyber Security to which a very a majority population is unaware. Despite a few minor grammatical errors, the author has brought out the best information regarding NGOs. In the beginning, the author talks about how internet and modern education are related and goes on telling the readers about youth delinquency, but then all of a sudden changes the topic to cyber awareness, which was a bit confusing. NGOs are indeed working really hard not only in the field of cyber security, but in almost every aspect of the society.

  3. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  4. I support these NGOs as what they’re doing is very appreciative. Not a lot of people give cyber crimes importance but these NGOs are. For that I’m glad. They’re all helping us be aware and to know how to protect ourselves

  5. A stepping stone to eradicate cyber crime is to make people aware of this crime, in our country according to recent studies if 76% of Indians are victim to cyber crime there are still 8% who does not believe they fall prey to this crime
    if people know about the crime they try to protect themselves from harm so the NGO,’s aim to aware people about it and help them to an extent to not fall prey to cyber crime and if victimized then help them get relief .a very useful article telling people about the work of NGO’s nicely drafted but it lacks clarity

  6. The writer has been efficient in writing this article. Even though internet is used by everyone, very few people are aware of the dangerous of the net or where to go if they fall prey to any cyber crime. By giving information about the NGOs, the writer has his part in spreading awareness to the people. There are a very few grammatical mistakes but in total, it was a good article.

  7. This article surely motivates one to be aware of what goes on the internet world and the information on the NGOs is very needed and people must be motivated to volunteer and work for these type of organisations which are working for our data security and safety.

  8. NGO’s are playing essential role in aware people regarding how significant is to know about cyber crime and to protect themselves from it.

  9. India is relatively new to cybercrime space as compared to the western countries, that said India has an adequate law to identify and penalize the offenders. There are various sections of the IT Act 2000 by which the offenders can be brought to justice. There are various companies including the Big 4 which has specialized divisions investigating on such breaches of technology. For the first got an experience of reading about an NGO working for such a cause.

  10. These NGOs are doing a great job in spreading awareness in people about cyber crimes and helps the people who gets into the trap of the cybercriminals everyday.

  11. The article was informative especially for people who are interested in making their career in cyber crime field as they can join these NGO’s to understand the concept better. Also cyber crime awareness is really important as we are part of internet via social media sites.

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