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  1. Domain Name Dispute or Cyber Squatting is a practice where individuals buy domain names reflecting the names of a existing companies, with a sole intention to sell the names back to that company to attain profit when they want to set up their own website. This is a very useful article

  2. Cybersquatting and Domain Name Disputes, both are secured under Trademark Law. There are such a large number of cases of injurious space name enlistment and encroachment of trademarks on the web that law of trademark has stretched out its domain to area names too. A large portion of the space name debates and cybersquatting cases are managed under the going off when there are no particular arrangements on the issue. Cybersquatting is a kind of space name debate which is predominant on the planet. It is where people purchase space names mirroring the names of a current organizations, with a sole expectation to sell the names back to that organization to achieve benefit when they need to set up their own site.

  3. It is good that the article has thrown light on the limitations of the cyber act (IT act) of India. The article has also thrown light on the present problems suffered by the companies in the world of domains and the resolution of the dispute in domains which is a very important thing.

  4. The article is very informative. Until I read this article I never knew what domain name dispute is. But this article helped me to understand the actual meaning of the domain name dispute and provided me with insights about what are the consequences due to this crime. Thanks for such an amazing article.

  5. A very good and detailed article. This article tells about the legal aspect of domain dispute which is known to only few people.

  6. Domain name disputes and cyber squatting issues are on an upsurge these days. They are similar to the offence of passing-off. This article is well explanatory and makes its readers aware about the dispute resolution mechanism also.

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