8 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Security flaws found in NHS contact-tracing app

  1. Cryptography system should be used properly, symmetric cryptography be available to only to user to see related private information on his mobile as well as u.sec.5(2) of telegraph act,1885 rules be made stricter.overall article is very nice.

  2. This article is really makes sense, after the launch of AROGYA SETU APP. People have lots of questions about this app like what is the pro and cons exactly. Whether mobile data is safe to use this app or not? This article will helpful to them.

  3. Government now are using more apps and making use of the various resourced which are available to them to counter and check the spread of Covid-19. But in order to do so sometimes minute details are ignored.Hackers always looks for loopholes into the system in order to corrupt the system , everything online is a system of various codes and these codes may have one loophole or even many depending upon the time taken by the coder to make it. Cyber security experts use buggs or firewalls to prevent any hack into the system because it may be impossible to create a system without loopholes but the hacker can be prevented.

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