1. Data protection is very important thing in this cyber world. We are facing very big Data breach every day. So this can help to take legal action against hackers & bad companies.

  2. data protection is getting increasingly important and expensive in a digital world. When taking into consideration, the Indian Data Bill with that of GDPR, we can notice that there been lesser power allotted for the Indian citizens under the Indian Data Protection Bill.

  3. Its true in EU that its a fundamental right.
    I also want from government to make right for data safety ..so each and every one can live in virtual world .

  4. Data protection is the way toward shielding significant data from defilement, bargain or misfortune. The significance of data protection increases as the measure of information made and put away keeps on developing at phenomenal rates. There is likewise little resilience for personal time that can make it difficult to get to significant data. Thus, a huge piece of an information security system is guaranteeing that information can be reestablished rapidly after any defilement or misfortune. Shielding information from bargain and guaranteeing information security are other key parts of information insurance.

  5. A comprehensive take on the subject. The article has analysed the policy thoroughly in a concise manner. Considering the internet penetration on the global population, it is important to adopt robust legal frameworks throughout countries. The EU GDPR is an inclusive legislation proposing governance over all categories of data that sets an example for all domestic jurisdictions. India too, has referred to the EU GDPR extensively while dealing with the same subject matter, data protection. The Draft Personal Data Protection Bill, 2019 is a promising piece of legislation and should see the light of day soon. The views are my personal opinion that are open to criticism.

  6. It is very important to protect our data. The regulation was made a fundamental right by the European Union, should be adopted by all the countries. A very insightful article from the author. Thanks!

  7. Well written. GDPR has become a model law fro many countries and they are adopting several provisions from it. Quite insightful article.

  8. Well written article by author and has tried his best to explain each point by the presenting it in proper format.
    As now GDPR has become a sort of universal law for cracking cyber crime so the person at large should be aware of the same.

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