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  1. Cyber dost by far seems to the best initiative of MHA to combat cyber crimes. Chberdost is basically a Twitter handle that covers subjects extending from safe web based banking, to data fraud and even measures to guarantee safe web utilization for kids. The Cyber Dost handle additionally coordinates survivors of digital wrongdoings towards the right channels to record their grumblings. Individuals can post their questions on its take care of and find a solution about an appropriate strategy.

  2. Cyber Dost will be of no use if people do not know about it and do not use it therefore, there is a need to tell people about this cyber dost to which has been done in this article and this has made the article very important. It is appreciated the the functions of the cyber dost are also dealt with in the article.

  3. CyberDost is a portal that has been developed as part of the national level initiative – India Development Gateway (InDG), dedicated to providing information/knowledge and ICT based knowledge products and services in the domain of social development. Very insightful article. Thanks author!

  4. A very insightful Article, not many people must be aware of something even called as a CyberDost. A great initiative from the side of the government as well. Kudos to the author for bringing to the light, that something such as the CyberDost even exist.

  5. Crime prevention advice
    Safer internet day
    Provision preventive measures
    Scanning for vulnerable and procedural gaps
    Promotion and funding of prevention initiatives

  6. Cyberdost seems to be a welcome initiative by the MHA in this time of crisis, when people are even more susceptible to becoming victims of cyber crime. The article does a great job of making the readers aware of the twitter handle that posts advice to combat cyber crime and measures to prevent it.

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