1. This article is a great initiative in today’s scenario where majority of IT professionals are using their mobiles to access the Cyber world….awareness on crimes in this scenario is a must for all whether novice or expert

  2. With younger lot being aware of the dangers technology brings with it, these articles like yours can help keep criminals at bay! ?

  3. Very known crimes mostly committed by the younger generation and also a dangerous havoc created by this crime in the lives of younger generation. Very informative good one.

  4. Very informative article, it was great to know about the different types of cyber crime in detail. Telling how vulnerable they can be, can be preventious for them.

  5. A intimation and detailed article on the current scenario. Now a days many youngsters and well educated persons are misusing mobile phone which is non ethical. People need to understand their responsibility towards society and should use mobile phones for the purposes the are actually made.

  6. Awareness related to mobile phones crimes should be increased and some major steps should be taken to minimise these types of crimes. The article here is good enough and could be understood even by a common citizen. Great work.

  7. Mobile phone crimes are increasing day by day and I think we need to stay extremely careful. Every activity is done with the help of phones now a days and I think we need to stay cautious. A very informative article. Nice work

  8. day by day cyber crimes is reaching at apex and major weapon for it is mobile phones which turns the situation unfazed .hence sobering attitude towards it must be shown and by this sort of information kind helpful for all.

  9. day by day cyber crimes is reaching at apex and major weapon for it is mobile phones which turns the situation unfazed .hence sobering attitude towards it must be shown and it impinges on the life on victims .hence this information is helpful for us.

  10. Thanks for letting us to know about cyber crime through phones are also tooo dangerous, Helpful

  11. Cyber crimes through mobile phones is a very common yet unknowable among the people. The article was very helpful in elaborating different types of cyber crimes committed through mobile or electronic devices as defined under IT Act.

  12. The most important thing for this generation is the mobile phones and more worrying thing is the data and personal information saved in that little techno box and how to be safe and prevent from the viruses malwares and other threats to protect our data stored in mobile phone is a big issue and which is discussed in this article

  13. In today’s world when everyone has a mobile phone, knowledge about what is waiting for them on the other side is very important. This article provide information about almost all the possible crimes which can be committed through mobile phones. This article is very important for everyone as everyone should have basic knowledge about the threats they might face in future.

  14. The sad reality is that aot of people don’t give due importance to the security of the mobile phone when compared to laptops or PCs.

  15. The easy to use mobiles, smart phones, etc. are equally easy in committing a crime. Use of these phones has become threat to our security. The article tried to cover the major crimes those are committed via phones and gives general information about such crimes.

  16. One should read this Article to know about cyber crime happening in such a device through which we do all our works, store data, photos etc….

  17. very informative and explained article which must be shared as it is been because at present scenario everyone owns a smart phone and it is must for each individual who owns a smartphone should be aware of pros and cons of the device they are using and should follow the safety measures so that no person should be trapped in the crimes committed on phone. all the information given in the article are well explained and all around a good work by the writer.

  18. A very nice ,well versed and informative article on the roe of mobile phones in cyber landscape. The author has covered all the points like what is considered crime according to law and how mobile phones are also part of it , what are the offences that are committed using a mobile phone etc. An excellent article.

  19. Now-a-days mobile phones are being used everywhere.This article is very helpful that it explains about the cyber crime committed through mobile phone also the article used to edify the different types of mobile phone crimes and crimes done through mobile phones. The article helps one to be aware of the crime via mobile phone and be cautious to prevent the it

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