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  1. Well firstly talking about the freedom of media..yes media has lots of freedom but it misuses very badly.I strongly argue that media should be focussing on giving the correct and accurate news.
    Media should give the right message and should not spread negativity amongst the people which will lead to riots in our country.Media shoul think and work for good.

  2. i would like to point out a confusion the writer had while citing the example of the bois locker room case, the bois locker room case is completely different from in the case in which the siddharth ID was involved, that incident of the girl making a fake id and trying to molest herself happened on snapchat, and is completely different from the boi locker case which happened on instagram, in which those boys really shared pictures of girls and made obscene comments. Though the point remains the same, the social media mislead the people combining these two cases, just making it the case more intense without it being that way.

  3. Freedom of press is one of the most important aspects of Democratic India. Freedom of press basically means giving freedom of speech and expression to the media. We all know how important media is, even during this time when we all are working from home, they roam on roads collecting data for us. We are well versed as to what is going around the world because of media only. This article provides us with all the important information regarding freedom of press at one particular place.

  4. A good and informative article.
    Well talking about the freedom of media it is important but it should be used wisely as now a days media is influencing youth and working professionals, sometimes it endup being biased. Media should represent both the aspects without being biased to anyone also everyone using social media should try to get in depth details of the matter before offending something.

  5. Very well written. The point of Janta Adalat is quite valid. But I’d like to remind you that the Snapchat conversation screenshot which got supposedly mixed up with the Bois Locker Room chat is actually a different matter. This has been cleared by the state police as well and also by Swati Maliwal.

  6. Lately we have accepted social media trial as part of our lives but as a society we should all strongly condemn such incidents. A lot of innocents will keep on losing their lives if we continue to do the same where without knowing the real facts we declare the accused guilty. Articles like these are really important now a days so that lives of innocents like ‘Manav’ could be saved.

  7. Everyone should be given a chance to be heard . People should not just rush onto the final judgement. We see now , it was a fake screenshot of the chat , it was the girl only just checking on her boyfriend which resulted in ruining the boy’s life. Social media is no one to decide who is right or wrong.

  8. well after reading this article media has both pros and con .various place it acts as a plaudit on other hand it ruined someone of the innocents live.so media must be scrutinising all its activity before acting on it .

  9. Freedom of speech is one of the most important fundamental right. People intentionally or unintentionally misuse it. Certain cases sited in this article are example of situations when people outbreak on internet led to destruction of person’s life. People should stop reacting by hearing only one side of the story. People should express what they have been through and what they are suffering but people should not become judge of other people’s lives.
    This article is very important as it point out the current situation of the country. And youngsters should take proper precautions and should get enough information before forming an opinion.

  10. While freedom of press is important..it must be kept in mind that the media’s job is to present FACTS, and the rest decided by the public. However that doesn’t happen anymore…media houses are bought by people in power and often present a twisted reality according to their own whims and fancies. But again, like it was mentioned there are cases like Jessica’s where the media did a great job. The point being, media shouldn’t take over the role of courts.

  11. Most of the news, media, articles we see today are mostly fake and sometimes we even don’t know that the information is right or not? Simply put media now does not brought out truth but it has started to create news by itself resulting in an unrest and sort of distrust into the minds of the viewers.Media is not doing anything for the people good but it is just doing job of brainwashing people’s mind and it is there in its every time not only on television but also on internet. Making someone viral is a simple task and this is an alarming thing. I think this is the time to put an end to the nuisance these people have created they need to be made responsible for doing this because it is simply not acceptable in society. It disrupts our lives, livelihood and sometimes even our own life .

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