15 thoughts on “CORONA COVID-19 FRAUD

  1. Corona pandemic has not only affected India but other big countries such such USA and Italy. Its our responsibility as responsible educated Indians to stay aware of such scams . We need to follow the preventive measures mentioned above as we can’t escape from the fact that we all use gmail for our day to day work and activities. These preventive measures are very well explained and helpful for all the gmail users.

  2. Everybody of us are together in this situation and fighting against corona and we should educate people around us to be aware and satay away from scams and fake massages etc.

  3. i have seen many mails related to covid-19 alerts from various senders, this article touched the sensitive area of hackers, which is very useful.

  4. This article deals with the hackers that are trying to benefit from this pandemic situation.
    It is very sad that people are trying to make this situation even more hard for people by indulging in such activities.
    This article is very informative and is relevant in the present time.

  5. This article deals with the status of cybercrime amid COVID-19 and its a huge problem that this lockdown period is used by some of us for this wrong purpose. It mentions about the guidelines issued by WHO to prevent the fraud. It also answers some basic questions about preventing fraud in this crisis.

  6. This phase is the time of extremists where we can find either extreme good people or bad. Some are struggling for thier existence and some are busy cheating people out of their inability to do anything more for thier survival. Being vigilant is our only option here and by being updated about the ways in which these people operate we can at least we can ensure our safety and of our family.

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