1. Wonderful article.copyright gives exclusive protection to material works of creators like literary,musical, broadcasting, databases etc.in literary work .as per sec 22 of copyright act financial benefits are given to the creator or heirs upto 60yrs after death or owner.but for infiringment specific legislations must be passed and also copyright protection must be given to certain works like calenders,reports of judicial proceedings to widen its scope and to give more protection.

  2. This article is very useful to understand the concept of copyright. And helps the person to alter or change the artwork to avoid copyright.

  3. For an professional related to creative work this article puts an effort to be of help. India is a place where we openly accept plagiarised materials, software and articles all the time. In that time it is crucial to know about rights and remedies to resolve issues. Cases should be helpful for better understanding as to what is judiciary’s take on this issue.

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