1. Thank you vandu. And be aware about this. And follow the given step to protect yourself and others.

  2. This article provides some good measures to prevent stalking or to keep watch and ask help from police officials and different cells.

  3. Stacking is one of the serious crimes that does not land in “serious crimes list” according to people. Before reading this article, I had a very brief and vague definition of stalking in my mind. People usually ignore stalking which is not the right way of dealing with it, the article beautifully elaborates as to how one can proceed further when being stalked.The article is informative in all the ways possible proving each and every necessary detail about stalking at one particular place.

  4. Stalking is one of the most serious crimes and it is not gender specific crime.
    This article helps in understanding many things about stalking like its define, who can be a stalker, reasons of stalking and what to do when people face such situation.
    It works as a guide for victims to take steps and even identify who can be the stalker.
    Very helpful and informative article. Very well structured and well written.

  5. This article is written in a graceful manner. In this era of the internet, we really need to be aware of all these things in our life. We should know what we have to do if we are in the place of the victim, what necessary steps should be taken at that time. It mentions the type of victims and type of stalkers in a nice manner. We should be aware of all this stuff because it is really important in our life and make us a responsible user.

  6. Being insecure is the time when stalker acts upon and although we take it lightly. It can be life threatening because we may not know what thinking or motive the stalker had in his or her mind. Foremost option is to inform your parents about it openly and report the matter to the authorities before it is beyond control. Excellent job done here by the researcher, good to know people taking such topics to create maximum awareness.

  7. Now-a-days stalking is major crime done through cyber where people are being watched always there was no privacy for the people . This article is well structured that it explains about the stalking,types of victims and stalkers.The article is well researched and well structured as it also explains about what to do if we are being stalked by certain stratergies which is helpful for the people under this type of crime .

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