1. Such a shame on these boys for bearing such intentions. It’s a fact of bravery and pride that finally the matter is out out to the concerned authorities by the girls of the group for legal action to be taken against this. The latest update in this matter is the arrest of group admin who turns out to be a student of class 12th aged 15 years and the Commission of suicide by another member of the group (juvenile) falling a victim of public shaming.

  2. Thank you for this useful details came to know much information about it…..well good action has been taken by Women’s Commission.

  3. The article has covered a very important recent issue. The article is very important especially for a cyber law student as all the provisions which have been invoked in the present case has been mentioned. The article has tried to show light on the Indian society. The fact that the identity of the under 18 accused can’t be revealed is not known to several people, therefore by mentioning the fact here, the writer has done a good job.

    1. The content of the article is very informative. It covers the recent case of cyber crime and also throws light upon the legal provisions which helped to deal with the crime committed. Very well written.

  4. Really shocking to here such.Thus article cover the major aspects regarding this issue.Offenders are minors which we can compare the issue with.Nirbhaya case 2012 because the major accused in that case was also a minor , he was one who brutally tape.law will protect the minor at every time.But this kinds of boys we can’t call them as minor.As

  5. This incident has once again brought to the spotlight the toxic masculine culture that exists in our society. The author has done a very good job of describing the incident in brief and then state the provisions that can be attracted to punish the offenders. The juvenile aspect of the case has also been appropriately discussed. While the incident shocks us, but these kind of incidents are not so uncommon and need to be dealt with at the root level.

  6. Sad to hear the reality of such teens who are wasting their time as well as the life on such bad things. This article is really well written

  7. Very true! these people must be punished!
    It is shameful that a student, who is well educated had done such a shameful act! Women are considered to be precious according to our cultures. The privacy of many girls is infringed. The sharing of private photos is a serious crime. These people must be taught a lesson. Thanks for the article author!

  8. very knowledgeable article about the cyber crime and their precautions, also gives the guidelines to protect from cyber crimes.

  9. If this is the condition of a school going group of kids, it’s unimaginable to think about the grown-ups’ ways of conversing about a girl. Highly condemnable act by these boys.

  10. A very well researched and well depicted article about very recent topic “boy’s lockers room”. This article has finely covered all the aspects off the topic and very finely described the laws related to it and we came to know about the actions taken by the authorities .

  11. article cover whole news and it is a burning news and i got so much information from this article

  12. An eye opening article which points out the fact that even educated young boys from good families can think of such disgusting thoughts. The writer has beautifully drafted this article. The subject matter points out to the amount of research work the writer put in. The conclusion was sub par as compared to the rest of the article. In total, it was a good article.

  13. i really love the fact that the author has taken up such an important and recent issue which should be discussed openly.
    the author has mentioned all the legal provisions invoked and surely the article is enlightening and an eye opener for most of us.
    people need to be educated more about others integrity and how to respect it.

  14. Delhi commission for women had really did a great work in order to protect the cybercrime and protect the sanctitiy of women. Well descriptive article..

  15. I was able to point out from this article is that Technology advancement is highly misused despite of derive great benefits from it ,It is majorly using for cyber crime.

  16. The author has aimed to take into consideration all the aspects involved in this incident. I agree with the author on the point that these activities add to the rape culture by objectifying women. However, it is not appropriate to judge without investigation is completed and put the burden on men as it seems to be. After investigation it was revealed that the main culprit behind this was a girl. Blaming only men on half known information is also somehow incorrect.

  17. Such a shameful act done by the youth that is not acceptable from the youth who are educated well enough. The main culprit found was a girl and only boys are blamed, if girls also have this kind of mentality to provoke the boys towards rape culture then this culture will never gonna be end.

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