27 thoughts on “Social Media Supporting Rape Culture.

  1. Nice article but the there are two phases of every fact.
    We (users) need to care and attentive while using any kind of technology either it is for personal information or money related….

    Nice initiative…..

    1. It is a well-written article but I felt that it was quite incomplete and you could add it by wetting some reasons except lack of awareness that why such type of crime takes in the first place. It was also nice to see that you covered the latest events but it would be advised to discuss more new cases and lastly points of prevention of such crime should be increased and elaborated.

  2. Respected team members,
    This information is very sad to here. But , it is true to spread because we and our women society dont keep on doing blind trust on each and every one. So i am happy that your team is spreading awareness by giving general information and by providing section which are useful .
    Thank you sir

  3. Its is really a worst history of our culture that girl has to suffer more .our technology make us powerful on the other hand it distroy our humanity.
    This articke aware the society and also helpful for the to knowing the protection and remedies too.
    Its really nice one with a cercastic voice.

  4. Very helpful ! Got to know a lot about laws related to such scenarios and how to tackle them and the precautions we must take.

  5. It is a very informative article, mainly for women who become victims easily of such crimes. Many laws are described under different sections of IT Act, 2000 to make women aware about laws that are made to protect women against such crimes.

  6. It was an informative article. This brings up the core problem of our societal and legal structure in regard to cyber crimes or ethical cyber behaviour. In reference to the societal aspect, we need to impart the education about basic rights and privileges guaranteed to a person under law. The knowledge of these rights would help the possible victims in raising their voices against a crime. In a similar manner, we also need to start accepting that the legal structure in our nation in regard to cyber laws is not quite defined or well formed. If more stringent measures and pecuniary compensation are included, it would not only invoke fear in the mind of an adversary but also strengthen the voice of the victim.

  7. Covid-19 was not enough of a shocker on the humankind that this happened to add up to the disgrace done by us.They discuss how to Gangrape a girl??How to morph a girl’s picture and discuss their body parts? Objectify a girl??How to make Rape threats?
    Such a shame on the entire society. It’s high time we check with the youth and answer their Curiosity in a much sutle sense by way of education. The article is quite helpful and informative containing the sections under which a legal action can be taken against such kind of cybercrimes. Public shaming is no punishment for such deviants. Mentality like this needs to be treated well and by legal means.

  8. While there is no denying the fact that this is a shocking incident. But a more pertinent question here is: is it even that shocking? haven’t women already been facing such harassment from time immemorial. Such groups exist almost on all platforms. And while this has exposed the toxic culture among boys, but such culture exists among girls too. The social media perpetrates this culture even more so due to the supposed anonymity that it awards. It is much easier to say and do such things sitting behind screens. The article has touched upon why these incidents occur and how they can be prevented. But the problem runs much deeper than we can even imagine.

  9. Very true! these people must be punished!
    It is shameful that a student from class 12, who is well educated had done such a shameful act! Women are considered to be precious according to our cultures. The privacy of many girls is infringed. The sharing of private photos is a serious crime. These people must be taught a lesson. Thanks for the article author!

  10. The news regarding “Bois locker room”, indeed came as a shock to the nation as a whole. This clearly shows us the dark side of the net, how it was being misused s efficiently. The admin of the page is definitely to be blamed for promoting such horrible act in the society. The worst part was, that a majority member of the group were minors, talking about such a serious crime “rape” as if they were discussing plot of the next marvel movie. The author has written a great article, about the underbelly of the society. No matter how much we try and ignore it, the matter of the fact is, that such events do exist in out society. I would also like to point out that Section 66A of the IT Act,2000 has been struck down by the supreme court in the year 2015, so the author must remove the provision from the article.

  11. While social media can be used to our benefit, it can also be used to harm others. It is essential for people to know about their rights and laws regarding cyber crimes to deal with the current scenario. This article helps alot by providing provisions regarding such crimes.

  12. This article is very informative it provides knowledge of very recent topic of the time. Though it us very informative it may have contained more laws which are there mentioning punishment with it.

  13. article gives knowledge of recent issue The knowledge of these rights would help the possible victims in raising their voices against a crime .

  14. It is sad that even after developing in so many areas we as a country still lag behind in the important aspects of life. A very eye opening article. Good structure of writing.

  15. The author has provided information on a very recent and serious topic in India in an excellent manner.
    However, social media is not the only thing to be blamed for such incidents. Social media just serves as a platform for such incidents to take place, its the mentality of the people that gives way to rape culture. And recently, we have also seen that even girls are getting involved in cyber bullying by pretending to be a boy. Thus, the laws of such offences need to be gender neutral.

  16. The worst part of this that these days people undertake social media trials and give their judgements on social media only without even fact checking or knowing the right thing.
    this writeup i think will surely educate many about the issue and i like the part where the author has stated about the legal actions that can be taken(most important).
    half knowledge is very these days and most of the people follow half knowledge concept.

  17. A very trendy topic is highlighted by the author which is actually highly significant to know as the readers got know how technology can be used in a worst manner.

  18. The author has done a great job at pointing out some laws in this context and providing suggestions on avoiding such offences in future. Commission of such crimes from young children come out to be a shock on the moral values imparted to them in their school and families and such incidents come out to be a disregard for our scoiety.

  19. This is a serious problem that is faced in every sect of society and social media directly/or indirectly plays a role of catalyst in this. Young minds gets influenced on social media very easily. Teens have forgotten their moral values and culture. The content of this article is good but it would have been better if more precautions and remedies would have been discussed.

  20. Amazing written about phising attacks as i’ma security expert. This article is very useful and in india security is a real myth.

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