15 thoughts on “Bois locker Room chat – Social media crime

  1. This is so disgusting , like in 21st century where we believed that our upcoming generation will bring any sort of changes but hearing such kinda news sucks. Noone has the right to slut shame or body shame anyone irrespective of their gender. Noone has the right to morphied other person. Serious actions should be taken against them . It is really pathetic that teens are thinking and carrying out such sorta actions and objectifying girls by creating unnecessary scenarios in their mind.

  2. These things are so disgusting, we are in 21st century looking forward for upcoming generation to bring the change in the society but hearing all these news sucks. It is so pathetic to body shame or slut shame anyone irrespective of their gender . Noone has right to morphied anyone and whosoever is doing so is a criminal offence. All these things harms the reputation of women and have negative impact on their mental health. Such kinda aren’t tolerable.

  3. It is very well written article a very recent case. It is really shocking to see that how the next generation our moving towards a very wrong path. They all should be taught a good lesson, and day by our government are making new amends in the law and legislation in this Technology field.

  4. A very supporting articles for each and every one becauss if we dont stop today this types of sexual offence ,in future it take big place .
    So keep spread this articles so other can also get aware about this crime.

  5. A very informative and accurate article indeed.

    Amongst everyone being busy is moarning over the disgusting act happened over Instagram, it’s the first article I read which serves a solution as to how a person suffering from such a circumstance can take an action to put a full stop to these situations by taking appropriate action against them.

  6. first of all this article is great.

    i am really shocked to know that teens are nowadays doing this kind of thing ?.

  7. It is such a disgusting act to talk about a girl in the manner these boys used to do in their chat. Such people are a disgrace not only to their families and friends but also to the whole society. Strict actions must be taken against them to prevent such thing from happening again.

  8. This article presents the latest heartbreaking news about the book’s locker room but what’s getting worse than this is people not relying on the official news and without even knowing them personally or the actual people behind all this cuss they have started giving judgments on their own on the social media platform without even thinking twice what effect can it put in someone’s life this is an issue which people need to be addressed about

  9. It is just disappointing, the education system as failed to teach them basic etiquette and manners. It is high time that we start to educate the younger generation. A very important and well drafted article.

  10. how can people act so disgusting?
    the present generation raises a lot of questions over respecting others integrity and privacy.
    good work!

  11. Well written article.
    And i am too aware of the case have followed it on the news daily anynd everyday it is taking different angle so at this point we cannot say anything regarding the same.
    Just want to convey people that be aware and safe.

  12. Such incidents are a disregard on the society at large and the culprits should be properly punished in order to avoid happening of such crimes in future.

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