4 thoughts on “Social media crime prevention

  1. The author offers a very important article. The article is bifurcated in two parts. The first part discusses about the various kinds of cyber crime and the second part emphasises on preventive measures to prevent such cyber crime.

  2. The article provides valid information on types of crimes and the measures to be taken. Though the information provided is legitimate, few questions can be raised. Like how can one know if the website he /she is trying to use is valid or not? Also, few more can be asked too. However the information is precise and helpful.

  3. While the social media is an absolute boon that brings the vast world closer, but at the same time it can prove to be a bane, making the commission of cyber crimes easier. Take the example of the recent case of “Bois Locker Room” case. So, it is essential that we understand the perils of social media and use it responsibly such that the digital space remains safe for us as well as others. The article discusses some of the cyber crimes that can be committed through the social media. Some of the tips that the article lists are very useful.

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