5 thoughts on “How to Identify FAKE NEWS ?

  1. The topic of fake news is as old as the news industry itself—misinformation, hoaxes, propaganda, and satire have long been in existence.The relevance of fake news has increased in post-truth politics. For media outlets, the ability to attract viewers to their websites is necessary to generate online advertising revenue.This article is quite helpful. Must give a read!!

  2. Fake news is a menace not only because it is usually motivated by an intent to deceive and misinform but also because it may induce people to act on the information. This can have grave consequences, especially where the penetration of mobile telephony and social media exceeds that of education and awareness. (The Hindu article).
    Fake news is not something that can start spreading itself ,it have many motives sometimes it’s generated for some political gains, sometimes to provoke riots.
    According to my opinion govt should setup one department for that who always focus on that types of rumors.

  3. Media literacy-The process and ability to be able
    to evaluate and separate fake news from real news is a part of media literacy.These are the questions orginated who is the creator, what the message,why is it created.

  4. Great article.
    This is the much needed topic which is to be addressed as every individual need to know the news is real or fake.
    As fake news cause harm to the public at large.
    And there should be some laws or department directly dealing with these rumors it should be really beneficial.

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