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  1. This article tells us that stalking is the root of bigger crimes like rape, Eve teasing,etc.

  2. I appreciate that someone has written such a good article on stalking and also talked about stalking as a major concern which is not often taken very seriously and many girls and boys have experience this. I agree with the author that it is a very big traum and scary situation to know that someone is following you and it becomes more traumatic according to me when one has no one to tell about it to anyone. I also think that yes stalking is the very root of many big crimes as photo leaks, acid attack, rape and even murder and so it is high time to take it really seriously and have more strict and harsh laws for it.

  3. The last case of the article was very intriguing and insightful. Stalking the first step of a planned crime hence it should be analyzed critically and in extreme cases of stalking it should be non bailable.

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