17 thoughts on “Electronic Evidence and Challenges

  1. I can imagine it must be a pain for digital forensics experts to try and make a judge understand the intricacies involved in order for them to get the correct information.

  2. The cases and relevant case laws provided help for a better understanding of the article and how the law works

  3. The article was made easy by relating the evidence act and the electronic media. Easily understood and very helpful to the study work.

  4. This article is extremely informative and helpful as it spreads awareness about laws relating to electronic evidence.

  5. Its an informative article which helps to enhance the information about electronic evidence which can be very helpful in present time where all the things are online and the crimes done on this platform can be solved by these evidences when used correctly so this article helped to get the information about the use of electronic evidence and what are the provisions mentioned under law is also given in this article to increase the information and the cases mentioned have helped to understand the article more easily.

  6. Well structured and informative article , a common question can an viral video be admissible in court of law ?

  7. We nee dto protect each node and update each node when asked to do , as updates improves the security level.

  8. As the cyber crime is increasing day by day , the knowledge about the electronic evidence is a must. This article is very informative and in the easiest form the has tried to explain the meaning of electronic evidence , it’s provisions in all as well as the case laws.

  9. This article describes the concept of electronic evidence in a nice manner. It mentions about the various provisions in various legislations in India. It explains the challenges in the cases of electronic evidence. Cybercrime is increasing day by day and we need to have a very stringent process while collecting all those evidence that no one could hamper it.

  10. with the rise of cyber crimes in India, more and more people need to be made aware of electronic evidences. the article nicely mentions the provisions under Indian Evidence Act, challenges for admission of electronic evidence and important case laws concerning electronic evidence.

  11. The writer here at wider level discussed the mandatory concept of electronic evidence. It is something which everyone may it be organizations, firms, etc have to face; may say be needed for future to produce certain evidences before or dealing with any matter as such. The writer has explained the challenges electronic evidence, giving suggestions as well as a note for future generations or say people who will deal and work in such fields to face the challenges and bring neccessary solutions for the same. The cases dealt here also add further interpretation to the article making readers more learn in depth about the topic…….

  12. A very well versed , well explained , informative article . Electronic evidences have helped in a lot of modern cases . Of course it becomes difficult in cases where the accused has a sound knowledge of digital forensics or is smart enough to dispose everything he had used but there’s always a link, no matter how hard it is to find it or prove its genuineness and these are the places where challenges are unavoidable. The author has very well highlighted the challenges related to this field along with the sections of the IPC which deal with it and also stated some reference cases . Its a very good read.

  13. A detailed and well structured explanation for Cyber evidence and respective cyber law sections.

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