9 thoughts on “IPTV and OTT Law

  1. Despite laws service providers are using these pornographic and nudity in their contents to attract customer and it is evident that it is also easily accessible .

  2. an informative article that tells about IPTV and OTT which is much needed at present and trhis article is spreading awareness and it is good.

  3. The topic dealt with is new for me and this article made it easy for me to understand IPVT and OTT thoroughly. Also adding to the perk were it’s provisions in India as well as other countries.

  4. Nice article!!! representing, the concept of OTT AND IPTV, the article brings out the point that, is of how these services work in link with the cyber services and how the crimes can happen in this particular area. The article brings out the neccesary information about the OTT AND IPTV and the challenges the customers and authorities may face while using such services and how to avoid certain crimes like sale of pornographic films, etc related to it. The writer must be appreciated for bringing up the point of how laws can be implemented and applied to curb such crimes. The writer must also have had included a number of suggestions to curb such crimes would have added more stars to this very much informative article….

  5. A very informative article regarding IPTV ,OTT ad the laws regarding transmission of obscene video graphics over these technologies .

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