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  1. The Arushi Talwar murder case was indeed slap on the face of the cyber security. And although situation is comparitively better, one must remember that the world is going towards a total digital age which means way more possibilities of facing cybercrimes.

  2. With the evolution of technology, people’s lives are becoming more dependent on online means. It plays a major role in increasing cases of Digital Forensics.
    Inclusion of legal provisions and cases in this article is a good step. Very well written article.

  3. the data privacy security and to protect and prevent the misuse of data and information data forensics play a major role which is defined in the article

  4. I think you were confused, Because you are not able to decide whether you were writting for data privacy, data tamppering, data thefting.
    You discussed a case but how do cyber foresics helped here. You wrote about prons of cyber forensics but you also cons of cyber forensics which are may be myth

  5. There is not only lack of expertise but i think that our law system also lacks resources required for equipment and research also .

  6. The case wa not well studied by the investigators due to wich the problem arises.Not only the officers need to be protected in this online world , all of us nee dto be protcted so the such case eill no arise once again.

  7. this article says about new world new tools and as the digitalization scheme it is very important to know about digital forensics and it can make work easier . but this article can be more explained without confusing the reader.

  8. Dealing with the cyber crimes has been normalized now a days because of the vast usage and life dependency on internet. Very well explained about the digital forensics and most importantly it’s provisions.

  9. Perfect article!!!! The article brings out the concern of digital forensics to be more advanced with separate laws or say specific laws for the same as not widely covered under IT ACT, 2000. The writer on one hand tries to explain the relevance of digital forensics to deal with various cyber crimes commited all around and on another the need for more advancement in the field to deal with cyber crimes down to earth picking up Arushi Talwar murder case into picture. The article is trying to convince the authorities regarding flawness in the area due to which there are various obstacles in the path for proper investigation of the cases. The writer must be appreciated as to able to bring such compliated topic in a nice and understandable manner before readers….

  10. There is a urgent need for training of officers regarding cyberspace and digital evidence. The article perfectly deals with every aspect of digital forensics be it steps of digital forensics to provisions and case laws. A very useful and informative article.

  11. A very informative article on digital forensics and the procedures involved in it like evidence collections, evidence handling ,processing and reporting . the author also highlights the laws related to digital forensics. As the cyber crimes are increasing rapidly , digital forensics is proving to be of great help in solving cases . It help not only in cyber crimes but also in other crimes too as an important part of forensics investigation.

  12. This article is quite useful to understand the concept of digital forensics. Digital forensics is used for identifying direct evidence of a crime as well as to attribute evidence to specific suspects, confirm alibis or statements, determine intent, identify sources(for example, in copyright cases) or authentic documents.

  13. A very informative article on digital forensics .The article explains the procedure of the digital forensic in five simple steps which is easily understandable and also explains the legal provisions which is really helpful.

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