16 thoughts on “E commerce laws and protection under consumer forum

  1. Shifting of people from physical market to online market make them vulnerable to online frauds.
    Basic knowledge of E commerce laws and guidelines will be helpful for people.
    This article helps in providing this basic knowledge to people.
    Good initiative.

  2. Something we can get at home than why should we step out of the home and this online world has it’s support to the statement. But there is need to understand and informed about the pros and cons of E commerce and this article tells about all this.

  3. Extremely detailed article about e-commerce and Consumer Protection with international guidelines and Indian laws.

  4. Websites do false claim over there interface and they also commit fraud there must be some amendment in CPA also to counter such issues .

  5. All e commerse webste attract customers uing attractive pictures and the product is not upto the mark. use trusted website and buy product by seeing the ratings and customer review

  6. i agree with the article the consumer must see the rating of the pproduct and customer rivew before buying the product.

  7. This is the generation of online shopping , people prefer to shop relaxing from home than physical shopping . And why wouldn’t they , when there is all the availability of brands , size , colour and home delivery. But there are pros and cons to every subject. This article very well explained how the customers can seek protection as well as it’s provisions and international laws .

  8. The article is quite informative and explains in a very nice manner about e-commerce. The customers are now indulged in online shopping as well and hence needed this process needed to be safe. This article mentions the international guidelines and provision for protection for consumers in the e-commerce sector. It explains the jurisdiction and other important aspects and now the Consumer Protection Act, 2019 is more user-friendly too.

  9. The article here is providing basic information to the readers about e-commerce as the area where also chances of cyber crimes may be there. Like in online transactions, fraud to a person buying or purchasing any material online. As an solution to problems occuring in the e- transactions, business and commerce what laws can be applied say at national and international level are also dealt here at large…The article provides very much basic details which a layman entering into e-commerce ought to know…..

  10. the article is very useful. However as mentioned in the article, the amount of claim to file a case in consumer courts is according to the Consumer Protection Act 1986. According to the Consumer Protection Act 2019, which replaced the Consumer Protection Act 1986, the new amount of claims are as follows:
    District Forum: upto 1 crore
    State Forum: 1crore to 10 crores
    NCDRC: Above 10 crores.

  11. A very interesting and informative article on e commerce laws . As we all have ordered something or the other online it becomes a necessary thing to be aware of . I loved reading it .

  12. This article gives the brief information about the e commerce laws in india. Very useful article.

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