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  1. Right to privacy has always been a controversial topic. And with the recent thought of face recognition technology, our privacy is under way more threat that we could have imagined.

  2. It’s a controversial topic and always attract attention of people. People are now more concern about their privacy with the growing number of cases.
    It is a good article. Written precisely but very informative.

  3. The case laws and the information provided is good to understand the whole concept of privacy and the need of information in the cyber world

  4. The article is good, you told many law sections in this but you have not discussed any example or anything by which people can more interact and link this article for future help like , if I will suffer from any cyber abuse then how your article help me?. If you can discuss some incidents then your article will be awesome.

  5. The article is elaborating the threat to our privacy by the websites and apps. The clear words are direct to the matter and explained well. Helpful and informative.

  6. This article is extremely informative and helpful as it spreads awareness about the right to privacy.

  7. Best article no doubt but should include latest judgements of the supreme court also .

  8. Very well written. Everything has been described so clearly in simple language. It’s appealing. Privacy was and is of the utmost importance to a person and should be kept that way

  9. The case laws like Khadak Singh as well as Puttuswamy are the leading cases of right to privacy . And the way it is explained in easy language is appreciable.

  10. A well structured and well written article. It effectively deals with the issue of privacy substantiating it with case laws and statutes. The issue of privacy on internet has always in controversy, the famous scandal of Cambridge Analytica was a turning point in this regard. The scandal sparkled the great privacy awakening all over the world. More strict laws are needed to address the issue of privacy on internet. However one can say that ‘Privacy in the internet age is a Myth’.

  11. Nicely written article, making reader aware of the right to privacy in link with the citizens of India as a fundamental right as well as dealing with the fact of its existence in the Indian Society. The writer brings out the point of need of privacy especially when one using internet. The article should also needed to have much more anaytical bringing diverse explaination in topic right to privacy and the challenges it is facing as well as more diverse topics dealing with right to privacy…. at large….

  12. A good article regarding the privacy laws in India. At present , as we are sending more time on the internet privacy is a major concern . The privacy is never so guaranteed by anyone to anyone. Big companies such as google and facebook are often accused of selling private information to other companies who then advertise themselves to the targeted audience. Most people click on agree to terms and conditions while registering for any site or applicaton which often proves to be a major hit to their privacy(the user agreement of the viral faceapp was also an example of such). the topic of user privacy is a very debatable one . i enjoyed reading the article , it was great .

  13. This topic is always questionable. Technological advances and changes in governmental policies changed the nature of privacy issues.Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN declaration of human rights, the international convenant on civil and political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties.

  14. great efforts for right to privacy. I am quite week in remembering sections thanks for reminding me.

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