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  1. There are so many things to be known about these cyber crimes and various laws and provisions are also there for punishing the culprits. The only need is of awareness among people.

  2. Cyber obscenity crime is something which is increasing day by day .. we should aware people’s about this.NGOs should take initiatives to spread awareness by meeting the people one on one. When society will acknowledge this fact and be cautious while using websites, society will become refine of such crimes.

  3. Obscenity is very sensitive issue all over the world yet there is no settled definition of the word ‘obscenity’ under any law. What is nude art or sexually explicit thing for one person may be obscene or porn for another. Obscenity on the Internet is not a common crime. Internet has provided a medium for the facilitation of crimes like obscenity or pornography. Cyber obscenity is the trading of sexually expressive materials within cyber space. Although the Indian Constitution guarantees the fundamental right of freedom of speech and expression; it has been held that a law against obscenity is constitutional. The Supreme Court has defined obscene as “offensive to modesty or decency; lewd, filthy, repulsive”. It is very difficult to testify whether any pornographic material is illegal or not? One particular pornographic material may be illegal in India but not in other countries. The test for obscenity was first laid down the Regina v. Hicklin[1], as a tendency to deprave and corrupt those whose minds are open to such immoral influences and into whose hands a publication of this sort may fall.”

  4. Very nicely written…..this should be known to every1 as these are increasing day by day…..

  5. This is a very informative article and well written article about a very sensitive issue and serious issue. It mentions all the legal aspects related to OBSCENITY

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