4 thoughts on “Maharashtra Cyber has enlisted 363 offenses of cyber crime

  1. in my opinion, during the pandemic the Cyber crimes are increasing rapidly because of the reason that the hoodlums are identifying what the people are going through and what the people need, setting it as a bait, they are successfully committing online fraud.

  2. The topic of article is very crucial in this time of pandemic as it is giving rise to more new cybercrimes and society is not much aware of it and are getting stuck in it unknowingly. So the article is helpful in providing information about this in the society

  3. In such pandemic rapid increase of such crimes are normal…..so it’s our duty to stay safe and secure from such cyber crimes….this article is informative

  4. As during this time we all should be safe and stay away from such frauds and have belief on systems dealing with such fraudulent activities.

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